Affinity Publisher – The story so far

Just before we talk about Affinity Publisher, lets look at what we know so far! Serif have changed the game with their Affinity Design & Photo editing software and have progressed rapidly by engaging with their customers in their forums to maintain such a high standard on the applications.

In 2015 they won the Apple App of the year and in 2017 they did the same but with their Affinity photo app. How far can they go?

Theres not too much competition when it comes to design apps but with Adobe being their main competitor, its a tricky top position to battle for.

What’s in store next?

In 2017 we noticed some changes to the affinity website. At first it wasn’t obvious, but it has created some speculation for the future, a new icon has appeared  for on the website for “Affinity publisher”.


When will we be able to use it?

At this point we only knew that Affinity Publisher would be released in 2018, but we were given a brilliant teaser video for the app along with a more precise date, “expect the beta next summer”.

Watch the video here.

Will InDesign be out?

For many of us i’m sure Adobes software will remain the first choice for work or general design. However it’s exciting to know what the future holds for Affinity as a whole collection and you should definitely be excited to see the release of the beta this summer.