As we know link building is one of the best strategies in terms of increasing rank results. However, Google wanted to introduce and adapt the way these links work as they don’t want people leveraging tactics.

Before we explain Googles new guidelines here are some basic rules of link building:

  1. Don’t buy links – purchasing a link is seen as bad SEO and you are more than likely going to get banned!
  2. Quality over Quantity – If you just want loads of links, you’re doing it wrong. Aim for quality back links.
  3. You should have a blog – Its the best way to grow your online platform, and you can create internal links.
  4. Add “Do Follow” correctly – When you build links do follow links creating strong connections between websites

How does Google view your links?

As we know, Google has a very smart Algorithm. Ideally if you are going to buy links, you should be putting these as ‘no follow’ links if they’re not natural!

Google can easily detected when a big link is paid and when it is naturally earned based on data already on the internet.

So it’s important when trying to grow your platform, that you grow your links as naturally as possible.

If you are looking for an example, here is how Neil Patels links were affected.


So what are Googles new link building rules?

So if someone pays to have a link on your website, Google now advises that each link should contain:


If your content is user-generated then they want the links to contain:


This also applies to site owners too! If your website has a forum then all those user links should contain this attribute.

You can also add two attributes together. For example you may have someone who wants a paid link but also doesn’t want there to be a “do follow” connection between both your websites. So you can now add the following: 

Rel=”nofollow sponsored”

So does this now change SEO?

For Search Engine Optimisation, It doesn’t change anything now as its not a major update and from our perspective it may only contribute to small percentage of ranking signals.

However, in the long run this may be a more crucial factor in separating content.  So if you are looking to out grow your competitors, this may be the factor that gives you positive signs when link building.

Remember, Google wants users to feel like they are most important, not the business. You will rank highly for popularity and trust when in the search results, so its important your content is for a users benefit.