Google just recently announced a new method to verify your domain! The new tool is called auto-DNS verification and this means businesses can verify their domain in a quicker process.

The main objective is to automate the process of verifying domain properties. Domain properties have been visible for years, allowing site owners to view their data in new ways.

Auto-DNS verification

Google collaborated with different domain name registrars to automate part of the verification flow. Users have also given feedback to help google understand that URL prefix aren’t the most successful method.

Google is also making verification easier by guiding users through the necessary steps.

Here’s how to use auto-DNS configuration

Step 1: Click “Add Property” From the left hand domain selection tab.

Step 2: Choose “Domain” Option

Step 3: Go through Google’s simple guided process to achieve domain verification

Google assures their customers that this process has fewer and simpler steps to achieve domain verification.

Why do we need Google Search Console?

Other than making it easier to verify your domain, why do we need to complete this process? The Google Search Console is a webmaster tool helping us understand the health of our website. Therefore, its an important communication tool that we need to analyse our sites activity daily.

Simliar Methods

Bing recently added support for a similar verification method within Bing Webmasters Tools.

In addition, Bing will also let you import your Google Search Console verified sites into Bing Webmaster Tools.