Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms today! With over 1 billion monthly users showing casing their creativity, its a competitive place to be.

If you want to gain more followers you need to look at your profile again. Understand your potential as a creator/business and review your profile as a whole.

Instagram Algorithm Update

Instagram has massively updated its platform over the past few months. Many businesses and influencers are struggling to keep up their high performance rates.

What did the instagram algorithm update?

  • Removing likes in specific countries (trial period)
  • Increasing focus on IGTV & Stories
  • Updates to ad placement and visibility
  • Removing automation e.g spammers

You now need to understand how your can get around these new updates. This article will explain in full simple ways to grow your instagram in 2019.

Get more followers with a complete profile

If you want to grow your instagram you need to start of with optimising your profile. If you still haven’t used your profiles full potential, you could be missing out on a potential following.

Instagram Profile

Your feed has the opportunity to make the first impression. Its the overall reason why people will follow your account.

When someone views your account, they decide in seconds whether its worth following. How do they make this decision? 

  • Reading your bio
  • Viewing your content/photos
  • Clicking on highlights

Your feed also needs to be consistent. You can’t expect 1000’s of new followers if you only have 2 posts.

The best way to optimise your profile is by creating your brands theme.

Colour coordinate your brand/style!


Many brands your aesthetics on there instagram profile to attract users. However its not just about making your feed look pretty, but being super consistent.

If your stay consistent & create quality content then you will most likely gain followers faster than others!

When you are posting photos, using video or IGTV, try to post it in your highlights so new users can see existing content. This will also help with representing your brand along the way.

Editing Software: Adobe Lightroom

Wondering how all the top creators or brands edit there photos? Its most likely because of Adobe Lightroom.

Lightroom is a super powerful tool for photographers all across the world. It can really help with enhancing fine detail and perfecting images.

You can download it on mobile for FREE

Purchasing Lightroom Presets from professional photographers is a great investment. It can definitely help with growing and attracting new followers on instagram.

Introduce your brand with Instagram highlights

Instagram highlights provide opportunities to emphasise your brands best moments. If you can sum up your brand or service in short snippets then customers may understand it better.

Instagram highlights could be a good way to show your brands:

  • Services/features
  • Behind the scenes
  • Customer reviews
  • Funny moments
  • Events/fundraisers/team building
  • Tools & resources

Display a highlight with your followers that will clearly explain your brand, but also provide them with something useful.